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Monday, December 20, 2010

things NOT to say to your boyfriend. :)

sedang aku membelek-belek magazines aku yg kuno-kuno tue, aku da jumpe something yang aku rase agak goodGOOD if i share it here. :) seperti yang tertera pada title di atas.. 'things not say to your boyfriend' here the list :

1) cant we just be Friends ?
2) i'm PREGNANT... o0pss kidding !
3) my last boyfriend was a little BIGGER. -.- (apekah)
4) i betcha i can FART louder than you can ! HAHA!
5) i tell my mom EVERYTHING !!
6) why cant you be more sensitive ?
7) stop hanging out with your friends and spend MORE time with ME !
8) would you mind if i see other people ?
9) i've already picked out names for our children.
10) could you just run into the store and grab me a box of pads ? Haaha !
11) i bet i've been with more Guys than you have Girls .
12) what more important to you ? ... ME or the FOOTBALL ? (i dont really care actually)
13) you must carry out your cell phone, so i can call you.. ALL THE TIME ! (sorry, but not me :p )

i think.. i wanna use it.. HAHA! but not after i got one ! :)

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